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Most Volatile Crypto

Definition of ‘Most Volatile Crypto - What is most volatile crypto? Volatility is a measure of how much the price of an asset changes over time. In most cases, it is used as a way to assess risk.

What is the most volatile crypto?

Most Volatile Crypto Definition - Volatility is a measure of how much the price of an asset changes over time. In most cases, it is used as a way to assess risk. For example, stocks that are more volatile will experience larger swings in price than those that are less volatile.

Crypto is a volatile, fast-paced world. New coins are created every day and most of them will never see the light of day again. However, some coins have managed to make an impact on the crypto community.

And Bitcoin has made the biggest impact on the market while also becoming one of the most volatile cryptocurrencies.

What does most volatile crypto mean?

Cryptocurrencies can be extremely volatile because their prices are based on supply and demand. Unlike traditional currencies, which are backed by governments and central banks, cryptocurrencies are not regulated.

This means that their prices can change quickly and dramatically depending on market conditions. So, the "most volatile crypto" is the cryptocurrency with the most frequent price change over time.

What is the history of the most volatile crypto?

The most volatile crypto has always been Bitcoin.

Most volatile crypto

The price of a single Bitcoin has gone from $0 to as high as $19,783 in December 2017 and back down to around $6000 in February 2018.

Bitcoin recorded an all-time high $62,000 in 2021. At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin is currently valued at $41,760. This is a huge volatility and it makes it very difficult to predict the future value of this currency.

Bitcoin is usually considered the most volatile crypto, but there are other currencies that have also seen a lot of volatility.

Ethereum, for example, saw its price go from $13 in January 2017 to as high as $1600 in June 2017 before crashing down to $200 in November 2017. It reached a high $1450 in 2018 and then $1943 in 2021. At the time of writing this, Ethereum is valued at $3166.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has also seen some huge price swings over the years. In December of 2017, its price surged from $440 in October to $2442.

And then, just a few months later, it plummeted down to $704 in March 2018. Currently (January 2022), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is valued at $377.


What crypto has the most volatility?

Bitcoin has experienced the most swings since it came onto the scene in 2009. Ethereum(ETH) is not far behind, with prices swinging as much as 25% within 24 hours some days. Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC) also have notable volatility.

Which crypto moves the most?

Bitcoin might be the most volatile crypto historically, but STELLAR(XLM) shows a fluctuating volatility percentage of 1926 per year. In 2022 so far, its volatility percentage is currently 14,000%. This makes it the crypto that moves the most.

Is cryptocurrency highly volatile?

Like earlier said, Cryptocurrencies are known for their volatile prices. This is one of the reasons they can be so risky to invest in.

The cause of most crypto volatility is trading volume. When there is more demand than supply, prices go up. Conversely, when there is more supply than demand, prices drop.

Another reason for cryptocurrency volatility could be news events or rumors that affect the market price either positively or negatively.

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