Launching web3.hashnode - Documenting The Path to Decentralization

Launching web3.hashnode - Documenting The Path to Decentralization


Web3 is here to stay, and there’s no denying it.

As Web3 is becoming more and more mainstream so does the need for Web3 developers and Web3 creators.

The number of Web3 articles has more than tripled in the past couple of months and so did the readership on relevant topics. 🚀

The Launch of the Web3 Blog at Hashnode.

Developers want to share and learn more about Web3 so we’re creating a dedicated platform for it.

This brings me to the exciting news.

We are launching the official Hashnode Web3 blog.

The Web3 blog has been a few months in the making with thousands of words edited and written and 10+ immensely talented writers that are helping turn this blog into something great.

Our goal is to provide fluff-free, actionable content delivered by Web3 experts, pioneers, and passionate people.

Web3.hashnode follows no agenda other than fostering a community of like-minded people and helping developers transition into Web3.

Hashnode Web3 blog

We are proud of what we’ve created so far and beyond excited for what’s to come.

This first blog leads the path to create more content coming from Hashnode and one of the first four Hahsnode blogs that we plan on launching in 2022, so stay tuned.😊

Who Is Going to Write at the Web3 Blog?

The Web3 blog brings together the best writers from the Hashnode community and a handful of experts giving their unbiased opinion on our decentralized future.

If you want to contribute to our Web3 blog you can apply using this form and by being active in our community.